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King Crossword Puzzle

‘The Boy Friend’

ACROSS 1 Geological time 4 Nibble 8 Actress Helgenberger 12 Chap 13 Inflammation (Suff.) 14 Eight (Sp.) 15 Mess 17 Vincent van Gogh’s brother 18 Choose 19 Winning 20 Win by 22 Withered 24 Charged bits 25 3/17 symbol 29 Young fellow 30 Like Santa’s laundry? 31 Shell-game need 32 Hair-salon supply 34 Birth month for some Leos 35 Tug hard 36 Actress Berry 37 Flower 40 Ranch visitor 41 Cavort 42 Like magic priests 46 Trendy berry 47 Game on horseback 48 - -Magnon 49 Lady of Spain 50 Mimic 51 - out a living

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DOWN 1 Type squares 2 “Go, team!” 3 Big snake 4 Sacred text 5 “- have to do” 6 Dead heat 7 Curvy letter 8 Whistler subject 9 Rue the run 10 Comical Caroline 11 Suitable

16 Tousle 19 Legion 20 Has a bug 21 Early boatwright 22 Trembled 23 Comestibles 25 Any minute now 26 Wealth 27 Honeycomb compartment 28 Mitty portrayer 30 Unwanted email

33 Nearsightedness 34 - Pinkett Smith 36 Wit 37 Actor Pitt 38 Nutty 39 Muscat’s nation 40 Valley 42 Hot tub 43 Leap 44 Annoy 45 Miler Sebastia

Answers at right

spirit of the era. The hardworking music director Velma Adams provides the nearly nonstop piano accompaniment. The show moves fluidly from scene to scene and musical number to musical number. Choreographers Sharon Dwinnell and Lisa Bondi — who also displays a wonderful singing voice — keep the performers in frequent motion. In the role of Polly, which provided a young Julie Andrews with her springboard to fame in this country, Shannon O’Rourke, in her eighth season with the troupe, sings in a lovely if slight voice. She is paired with David Ashtiani, whose voice may be described similarly, as her love interest Tony. Under the loving direction of Louise Guinther, everyone on stage, from the youngest ensemble members whose ages have not yet reached double digit s through the seasoned veterans who threaten to steal the show from the romantic leads, works cohesively. The proceedings, off to a sometimes tentative start, gain momentum as the evening progresses. Becki Santana has a strong singing voice as Polly’s friend Maisie Merriweather. She is matched by

Ludovic Coutaud as her wealthy love interest, Bobby. Gingerbread veteran Jim Chamberlain injects a great deal of life into Percival. He is, perhaps, topped by another oldtimer, Andrew Dinan, as the girl-chasing Lord Brockhurst. Jillian Smith displays a surprisingly well-developed voice as Dulcie, a young lass who catches Brockhurst’s roving eyes; together they offer a musical highlight in the comic duet “It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love.” Another standout number is “The Riviera,” which puts the Q dancers to their most strenuous test.

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Queens Chronicle South Edition 04-03-14

Queens Chronicle South Edition 04-03-14  

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