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You’re Welcome at Howard Beach Assembly of God ... a Bible-Based Church

which is an authentic mall of 120 stores (shopping outlets, restaurants, hotel) is in continued from page 9 Ann Arbor, Michigan, not in Briarwood, in this fight must monitor that all of the NY (a postal finance station of Jamaica). conditions and requests ordered by the Further, renaming the E/F subway stagovernor are followed through over time tion “Briarwood,” with deletion of Van and appropriate action is taken by the Wyck Blvd., would serve no accurate geopowers that be. graphic purpose for subway riders, since In the meantime, the residents of our it would indicate no streets. An inspection area owe a great deal of thanks for the of the MTA map shows that every other effort put forth so far. Janet McEneaney, station along this line is either a hyphenBob Whitehair and all of the a t e d s t r e e t / c o m mu n it y people involved with Queens ONLINE (Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Quiet Sk ies have been Avenue, 63rd Drive-Rego Miss an editorial or extraordinary. Visit their Park, Forest Hills-71st Avearticle cited by a writer? website at queensquietskies. nue, Kew Gardens-Union Want news from our other org to see what you can do Tur npike, Jamaica-179th editions covering the rest to aid in their efforts. Street) or a street alone. of Queens? Find past L o ca l ly, Com mu n it y This stop is located across r e p or t s , ne w s f r om Board 11 Aviation Commitfrom Maple Grove Cemetery across the borough and tee co-chairs Andrew Rothand is not the center of Briarmore at qchron.com. man and Joan Garippa have wood. I propose the name be worked hard on this issue renamed Briarwood-Main along side former Chairman Jerry Iannece Street, since this places it accurately at the and the other members of the board. Our intersection of Main Street and Queens local elected leaders including Congress Blvd., or Briarwood-Maple Grove Cememembers Meng, Israel and Crowley, Sen. tery (the only historic site here). Avella and Assembly member Braunstein But when you disembark the F train, have all stepped up to the plate and spoken don’t expect much “searching the promeout and acted upon this problem. Gov. nades, seeking a clue” (Ellington/StrayCuomo should be complimented for listen- horn, Something To Live For), but the Briing to the concerns of his constituents. arwood mall of balls, paid for by city On May 3, the Bayside Historical Soci- grants. Schwartz’ “vibrant ... communiety will be celebrating its 50th anniversary ty?” I have yet to see Duke Ellington’s jazz by hosting a gala honoring several people band on this “Promenade,” or the Atlantic who have served our communities well. City, USA Beauty Pageant contestants One of those being honored is McEneaney walking this dull strip. of Queens Quiet Skies. You can call the Joseph N. Manago Society at (718) 352-1548 for information Briarwood and details if you would like to attend. Also being honored are former Sen. Frank What discrimination? Padavan, Sister Kathleen Masterson of Sacred Heart Church, Rosemarie Ryan- Dear Editor: Harrison, Dr. Gary Bram and the Brown/ Like most New Yorkers I am in favor of Wettingfeld family, who helped found the diversity, if applied fairly. The FDNY Bayside Historical Society back in 1964. developed, over the years, a test to deterEveryone is invited to purchase a ticket to mine eligibility to become a firefighter. attend this community celebration to be However, according to the Vulcan Society, held at the “Castle” on Fort Totten! the written test was unfair to minorities, Henry Euler particularly blacks and Latinos. Bayside What has never been discussed is what were those test questions that were deemed discriminatory? The Briarwood station This newspaper could do us all a Dear Editor: favor by printing some of those “disIn response to BCA President Schwartz’ criminating” test questions so that, as testimonial, “Pure Briarwood,” (Letters, concerned citizens, we could then make March 27), I would like to point out that up our own minds. the sign posted states that the “mall” was David Rivkin sponsored by the Briarwood Community Jamaica Association. This euphemistic “Queens We agree with the writer’s last point, and Boulevard Promenade” runs from 84th did just that several years ago, following Drive to 87th Avenue down the center of a ruling in the federal lawsuit filed over Queens Boulevard and consists of 8 park the tests. You can find some of the quesbenches without backs and about 75 big tions at the end of the article posted here: concrete balls of neither practical nor aesthetic functionality. The Briarwood Mall, bit.ly/1i1VpmX.

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The concept and most of the catch phrases used in the March 27 letter “Learn to speak GOP” were taken from a segment of the March 21 episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” but credit was not given to the TV host. We thank the astute reader who called this to our attention.

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Queens Chronicle South Edition 04-03-14  

Queens Chronicle South Edition 04-03-14

Queens Chronicle South Edition 04-03-14  

Queens Chronicle South Edition 04-03-14

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